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- News & Updates -

April 24, 2015

A Core meeting was held on 23rd May 2015 at 7.00 pm at the residence of Dr. Udit Raj/ Smt. Seema Raj, 22 Atul Grove Road, Behind Janpath, New Delhi in which about 25 members were present and it was discussed, as under:

It was brought to the notice of Dr. Udit Raj that inspite of four meetings held with Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC), who is also the head of Board of Administrator the grievances of suffering members of the Society has not been solved such as:

a) Filing of petition in the Hon'ble High Court for 33.4 Acre land in Sec-43 and 55 Acre in Sec-57 from the Society while the case has been filed by the members vide CWP # 2813/2015 and 2846/2015 for which hearing date was fixed for 20th April 2015 is now fixed for hearing on the 17th August 2015.

b) Filling an application under Clause 24 (2) with Hon'ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana to defend the land acquisition of 124 Acres (Writ no. 17545/2007) with Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) by the society, which is pending since 2007 was due for argument on the 6th May but unfortunately Mr. N.K. Bhutani, Dr. N.P. Sharma, Mr. Ashok Gupta and Mr. Rajendra Sharma, Mr. Rajesh Kumar Gulyani became party in the case and created hindrance to the court case, due to which court has fixed 30th July 2015 as the new date of hearing.

c) Regarding Removal of Encroachments from Society land - It was assured that the same will be removed by 20th April 2015 but the same has not been done as the ADC was travelling to Nepal for an official assignment and the issue is stand still.

d) Meetings were held with the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Panchkula on 4th March 2015, 18th March 2015 and 13th May 2015 but the Registrar has not offered any firm assurances and conveyed further action could only be initiated after the receipt of audit report, which is under review at present.

e) Keeping in view of the above, Dr. Udit Raj seeked an immediate appointment with the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Haryana Mr. M.L. Khattar, who was present at Haryana Bhawan in New Delhi and the Hon'ble Minister agreed to meet at such late hours to listen to the grievances of the members. The current facts were brought to the notice of the Hon'ble Chief Minister with a request to appoint a full time working commission to solve the grievances on priority. Hon'ble Chief Minister immediately seeked a detailed report from the DTCP on the entire land issue and has assured that a commission will be appointed as in the case of other societies asap.

On the 30th May 2015, Hon'ble Chief Minister is scheduled to attend a public meeting organised by All India SC/ST Confederation at Sonipat, Haryana under the Chairmanship of Dr. Udit Raj and it has been decided to attend the same in Large numbers to express our grievances and request the Hon'ble Chief Minister to appoint High Power Committee/ Full time Comission for priority resolution of issues. Special buses will be organised and the same will ply from the residence of Dr. Udit Raj at 10.30 am to reach the destination by 1.30 pm. Address of public meeting is : Rishikul Vidhya Peth, Dewar Road, Sonipat, Haryana.

April 15, 2015

A Core meeting was held on 11th April 2015 at 11.00 am at the residence of Dr. Udit Raj/ Smt. Seema Raj, 22 Atul Grove Road, Behind Janpath, New Delhi and it was discussed and decided as under:

a) A SLP was filed by the Society and we the members of the Society appointed a Sr. Advocate J.S. Malik to defend our case strongly for the land Acquisition case for 33.4 Acre land in Sec-43 and 55 Acre in Sec-57 and subsequently on hearing of the case by the Hon'ble Supreme Court on the 21st Nov 2014 it came to the notice during the arguments that the earlier appeal filed by Sh. N.K. Bhutani and others were dismissed and on the basis of that the society had no alternate but to withdraw the case to seek another remedy under Clause 24 (2), which might be available under law. Simultaneously, the Hon'ble Supreme Court granted the permission and dismissed the case. Then we members of the society filed the cases for 33.4 Acre and 55 Acre with an application under Clause 24 (2) but the Society has not filed the same case in the Hon'ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana. Now we are making all efforts to file the said cases from Society side by the Board of Administrators by appointing a Sr. Advocate in this regard.

b) In the case of land acquisition of 124 Acres (Writ no. 17545/2007) of land by Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) is also pending with the Hon'ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana, for which next date of hearing has been fixed for 6th May 2015 for arguments. It is requested to the Board of Administrators to defend the above case also from Society's side by deputing Sr. Advocate and filling an application under Clause 24 (2).

c) Removal of Encroachments from Society land - The Board of Administrators (BOA) were pursued through ADC, Gurgaon and a meetings held on 13th Feb 2015 and 25th Feb 2015. Notice s to the encroaches have been served on the 10th April 2015 and operation for removal of encroachment would be done on the 20th April 2015.

d) As the Society has failed to prepare the Voter List as per orders of the Hon'ble High Court dt. 3rd Oct 2013 to prepare the Voter List within a period of two months but even after 1.5 years have passed it is still pending. A contempt petition has been filed with the Hon'ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana for which notices have already been issued to the concerned authorities and the next date of hearing is 10th August 2015.

e) Keeping in view of the above, Chairman of the Members action forum Smt. Seema Raj is also pursuing the case with Sh. Vinay Pratap Singh, ADC Gurgaon regarding conducting the General body elections as early as possible for which a meeting has been organised on 22nd April 2015 at 11 am at the office of ADC, Gurgaon.

f) Members of the Action Forum have tried their best to work as a united forum but some members including Sh. N.K. Bhutani, Dr. N.P. Sharma, Sh. Ashok Gupta are pursuing separate agenda and collecting funds from their aggrieved members falsely in the name of fighting for the cause, which so far has cultivated negative results including dismissal of SLP in the Hon'ble Supreme Court. It was decided to discard these members and request the aggrieved members not to support their actions physically and financially.

October 20, 2014

2nd Core meeting was held on the 20th Oct 2014 at 4.30 pm at the residence of Dr. Udit Raj/ Smt. Seema Raj, 22 Atul Grove Road, Behind Janpath, New Delhi. 23 Core Committe members were present and it was decided as under:

a) Action on Withdrawl of Rs. 72,000/- as per resolution passed on 27.09.2014 to be taken on priority.

b) Phone calls were made by Sh. Udit Raj to LAO, HUDA and Revenue Patwari, Gurgaon seeking cooperation in providing the requested Land revenue records to the Core committee.

c) A phone call was also made to Sh. Satish Rohilla, Asst. Registrar Coo-op Societies, Gurgaon to resolve the pending cases of all who become members of the Society after 06.10.1996 until Nov 2004 and preparation of Voters list as per Hon'ble High Court direction/order dt. 10.02.2011.

d) SLP already filed in Hon'ble Surpreme Court by the Society, which is under consideration and to be admitted very soon. All members are requested to support and help in cash and kind for appointment of a Sr. Advocate to defent and win the case on behalf of all members.

October 07, 2014

1st Core meeting was held on the 07th Oct 2014 at 8 pm at the residence of Dr. Udit Raj/ Smt. Seema Raj, 22 Atul Grove Road, Behind Janpath, New Delhi. 18 Core Committe members were present and it was decided as under:

a) To collect the revenue record of land of Saraswati Kunj Co-op House Building Society award wise as per Jamabandhi showing Khewat No., Khasra No. and area of land acquired by HUDA from the office of LAO, HUDA and Revenue Patwari, Gurgaon. Sh. R.P. Madan and Sh. N.K. Bhutani were advised to coordinate and collect the requisite record as above for court cases, SLP etc.

b) Sh. N.K. Bhutani, Sh. Rajinder Sharma and Smt. Meena sood were advised to handover the record of Society available with them in spiral binded form, which may be utilised for welfare of the society as required.

September 27, 2014

A meeting was held on the 27th Sept 2014 at 11 am at Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi and was adddressed by Dr. Udit Raj, Member of Parliament, Delhi (BJP) in the presence of 110 society members. The ajenda of meeting was as under:

a) Meeting started with a two minutes prayer to pay homage to the departed soul of Late Shri. S.P.Yadav as this was the first meeting of member action forum since he passed away.

b) To fill up the vacant post of President - The name of Col. O.P. Malhotra, Secy. Gymkhana Club, New Delhi was proposed by Shri. R.P. Madan and was nominated with common consenses.

c) Name of Smt. Seema Raj W/o. Dr. Udit Raj was nominated for the post of Chairman and Com. R.I. Singh was nominated as Advisor (newly created posts) of member action forum with common consenses.

d) It was reiterated that there was no resolution passed against joining of new members in the society after 6.10.1996

e) Society had lost the land Acquisition case filed with Punjab and Haryana High Court (Writ no. 13129/2001 & 7880/2002) for 33.4 Acre land in Sec-43 and 55 Acre in Sec-57 on 31.10.2013 and subsequently land was acquired by HUDA. A stay was earlier granted by the Hon'ble court. It was decided to join SLP appeal filed by the Society in the Supreme Court against the order.

f) The case regarding acquisition of 124 Acres (Writ no. 17545/2007) of land by Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) is also pending with the Hon'ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana, which was acquired by HUDA vide award no. 45 of 22.02.2007 and the next date of hearing is 05.12.2014 for which we have to appoint a good and strong lawyer parallel to the lawyer hired by the society to defend and win the case on behalf of the members.

g) Efforts are also being made to get the revenue record of actual land acquired by HUDA of Saraswati Kunj Co-op House Building Society for award no. 17 of 6.9,2000 for 33.4 acre in Sec-43, award no. 9 of 21.7.2003 for 55 acres of land in Sec-57, award no. 45 of 22.2.2007 for 124 acres of land.

h) A resolution was passed to withdraw the amount of Rs. 72,000 balance lying in State Bank of India, Naraina Vihar, New Delhi (A/C#30032269268) in the name of Saraswati Kunj Co-op./ HS. Bldg Society Members Action Forum (Regd.) in which treasure was Shri. Ramesh Dhalwani and Gen. Secy. Shri. Balraj Vachaar. In the past Shri. Vachaar has resigned from his post and Shri. R.P. Madan was nominated and appointed as the new Gen. Secy. It was decided to withdraw the said amount for utilisation in the SLP in Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.

i) On the pursuance of Dr. Udit Raj, it was decided to form a core committee including representatives from all member groups to address and resolve all ongoing and pending issues of the Society in common interest showing Unity as a strength. The following members gave their consent and filled a form to be part of the Core Committee.

Sl. No.Membership No.NameContact
1Smt. Seema Raj w/o. Dr. Udit Raj (Chairman)+919718632107
26960Sh. R.P. Madan +919311087336
3Col. O.P. Malhotra (Retd.)+919811885563
4Sh. Sanjay Mittal+919910622557
5Sh. Harjeet Hoon+919911335100
6Sh. Gaurav Kalra+919891530051
7Com. Ravi Inder Singh (Retd.)+919310433656
81600Sh. Chander Gandhi+918800103799
9Sh. Mahesh Chander Gupta+918447195335
10Smt. Sarita Gangwani+919999842226
11Smt. Pushp Lata Sethi+919899020745
12Sh. O.P. Kakkar+919811079784
138111Smt. Sonal Malik+919310076448
14Sh. Krishan Lakra+919818586650
153530Sh. V. Suresh+919910500219
16Sh. Neeraj Jangra+919560386911
17Smt. Meena Sood+919891147607
18Sh. Vijay Mukhi+919818666624
19Sh. S.C. Tyagi+919868260229
20Sh. Randhir Sharma+919312236268
21Sh. Ravi Sarpal+918447499720
22Pt. Sh. Chand Shastri+919871256559
23Sh. Naresh Gupta+919868154854
24Sh. Rajinder Sharma+918882331841
25Sh. Sumit Gupta+919899900110
26Sh. Giridhar Anand+919810648511
27Sh. Chand Anand+919810055990
28Sh. Ishita Bowri Work+919873141794
29Sh. Sushil Burman+919810043220
30Sh. Rakesh Sharma+919899969528
31Sh. Dhawan+919911787662
32Sh. Baijnath Lodha+918588946764
33Sh. Balraj Vachaar+919891683066
34Sh. Rakesh Sharma+919992023596
35Smt. Marwah+919582350345
36Sh. S.K. Kinger+91
371700Smt. Usha K. Munshi/ D.K. Munshi+919873423118
382895Dr. T.K. Jethani+919313705522
39Sh. Vivek+918800267508

October 07, 2011

The Society/ Department had declared some of the eligible members not genuine as according to them these members had been enrolled after the so called General Body Meeting held on 06-Oct-1996. The matter had been taken up for revision before the Hon'ble Finance Commissioner and Principal Secretary, Govt. of Haryana, which came up for hearing on 07-Oct-2011.

The Hon´┐Żble Finance Commissioner after hearing the case stayed the operation of so called Resolution dated 06-Oct-1996 and ordered Status-quo. The next date of hearing for final disposal of case has been fixed for 18th October 2011.

July 25, 2011

The Hon'ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana in its judgement dated 10th Feb 2011 had directed the Returning Officer to prepare a fresh voter list after hearing the objections of the parties and also consider the validity and legality or otherwise of the alleged resolution dated 6.10.1996 in preparing the new voters' list.

We had sought information under the RTI Act 2005 on the above two issues. The Asst. Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Gurgaon in his reply to the same has informed that the process of preparing voter list is On and after the list is prepared objections will be invited from the members. As regards the alleged resolution dt. 6/10/1996 the Asst. Registrar has informed that no orders have yet been issued on the alleged resolution and that no copy of such resolution is available in their office and they are simply relying on some press release in the newspapers, which is not relevant in this context.

February 14, 2011

The Action Forum had filed 4 writ petitions before the Hon'ble High Court of Punjab & Haryana pointing out many irregularities commited by the returning officer, while preparing the Voters list for the elections.

You may be aware that the returning officer had mentioned in the election schedule 'Condition No. 3 - In Accordance with the Haryana Cooperative Societies Act, 1984 Section 20D; no member of a Cooperative Society shall exercise the right of a member unless he has made all payments due from him to the society.' but he had displayed a list of voters containing more than 9000 names (including large number of people who have only paid Rs. 200), which was in contravention with the condition no. 3 of the schedule of the elections. Infact, as per this condition only such voters who have made full payments towards the cost of the plot were entitled to excise the voting rights and contest the elections.

The Hon'ble High Court admitted our writs and decided as follows - "In the light of the aforesaid reasons, the instant writ petitions are accepted with costs. Consequently, the inpugned election programme, impugned order and voters' list are hereby set aside. The Returning Officer is directed to prepare a fresh voters' list as defined under rule 2(g) of Appendix A and Part - I of the Rules and section 20(d) of the Act, afer hearing the objections of the parties and then to start the election process in accordance with law as expeditiously as possible. He will also consider the validity and legality or otherwise of the alleged resolution dated 6.10.1996 in preparing the new voters' list in view of the aforesaid observations."

January 27, 2011

Election meeting of the Saraswati Kunj Co-op. Hs./Bldg. Society Members Action Forum (Regd.) was held today at Jangid Brahmin Samaj Math, Vasant Kunj New Delhi. Though the courts judgement postponing the elections upto 14th Feb 2011 was declared, large number of members attended the meeting and future strategies were chalked out.

January 27, 2011

The Managing Committee Elections scheduled for 31st Jan 2011 have been stayed by Hon'ble High Court of Punjab & Haryana. Further dates shall be intimated as and when fixed.

January 25, 2011

January 18, 2011

Certain persons have formed 'Saraswati Kunj Justice Forum' and convened a meeting today for which repeated SMS were sent to members, mainly with the purpose of creating confusion by giving call that 'Come if you need your plots'. Our Action Forum has nothing to due with the so called Forum which has been created a couple of days back only with an eye on the ensuing elections.

Some of the members giving such calls are perhaps forgetting that they remained in the outgoing Management Committee for 4 years but failed to do anything regarding the welfare of members of the society till the date of their removal. Infact they were removed as they allegedely failed to deliver.

January 17, 2011

Election symbols alloted to the contesting members as under:

1. Mr. Raj Pal Madan - Car

2. Mr. Harjeet Hoon - Sewing Machine

3. Mr. Gaurav Kalra - Football

4. Mrs. Sonal Malik - Telephone

5. Mr. Randhir Sharma - Cup Plate

6. Mr. Dayal Dass - Bell

7. Mr. B.S. Sroy - Door

January 10, 2011

Members selected for contesting the elections filed their nomination.

January 09, 2011

General meeting of the members of the Action Forum was held on the 9th January to discuss collective action and nomination of members from the Action Forum for the upcoming elections scheduled to be held on 31st January 2010.

List of Members selected for filling nomination for the elections - Mr. Raj Pal Madan, Mr. Harjeet Hoon, Mr. Gaurav Kalra,
Mrs. Sonal Malik, Mr. Randhir Sharma, Mr. Dayal Dass.

December 08, 2010

Elections of the Management Committee declared to be held on January 31, 2011 by the Returning Officer-Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies, Gurgaon (See Schedule)